Limousine Indy's Fleet of Vehicles

Limousine Indy offers limousines and limo buses for all party sizes. Whether your party is large or small, we have a limousines and limo buses ready for you. Limousine Indy recognizes that no custmer is the same. In that regard, we try to remain flexible with the limousine products we provide. Needs constantly are changing. Limousine Indy is here to make sure that we keep up with the demand. We offer limousines and limo buses that seat up to 20 people. However, we also provide limousines and limo buses for parties containing up to 40 people. Our Hummer H2 is our most requested limousine for larger parties. Although, we do offer limousinses that accomodate larger parties as well. Most of our limousines and limo buses are in classic black and white. Though we do have some limo buses in hot pink for those looking for an edgier ride. Check out our selection in the photos below.

H2 Hummer Limo

This is our most preferred vehicle for clients with larger parties. For obvious reason, it's as large as it is luxurious. It is no doubt that whoever is in this ride is having a ball. Howver this jewel is just one of many in our fleet.