About Limousine Indy

Limousine Indy is a company dedicated to providing quality service and luxury limousines. Just because you aren't the star of the event doesn't mean you can't arrive like one. Limousine Indy creates an environment that allows you to have fun while enjoying the royal treatment on the way. Our limousines and limbo buses have state of the art interiors. We have a bar area in our limousines that comes with cups and an oversized cooler. We provide auxilary ports for your devices so your ride turns into a party. There's also a blu ray/dvd player on board so you can watch your favorite movies. Not to mention our super comfortable leather interior. Limousine Indy wants to make your ride an experience you'll tell your friends about. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and products and only aim to get better. Looking for a good time while arriving in style? Contact Limousine Indy. We will provide you with an experience that you won't soon forget.